We are Google Certified Premier Partner – Two-time Google ALL-Star Winners and Accredited Professionals for Bing Ads. We know how to deliver exceptional results for waterproofing contractors.

 With our expertise and access to exclusive resources, we’ll ensure that your paid advertising efforts are in line with Google’s best practices, maximizing your ad performance and driving tangible business outcomes.


Google ads for Waterproofing Companies

Setting up a Google ads account with different campaigns and ad groups can be quite complex, it involves selecting the right keywords, creating compelling ad copies, targeting, extensions, assets, bidding strategies, tracking, and conversion setup, among others. On top of that, Google is always looking to improve the user experience, which is why their algorithm changes all the time, we need to make sure we are always complying with their standards and updates.


Pay Per Click Audit


Although every client engagement is unique, Rainmaker For Contractors follows a “step by step” audit process that has proven successful:

Client Interview

Help us understand the goals of your account and campaigns.

Baseline Data Collection

Let us track your campaigns our way for at least 30 days.

Account Analysis

Our team of advertising experts will perform a comprehensive review of your account and campaigns. Our work includes (but is not limited to): analysis of current/past analytics/tracking data, campaign settings, keyword research and analysis, ad copy, and evaluation/analysis of landing pages.

Recommendations Report

Insights into your account and campaign performance with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Question and Answer Meeting

We’ll review our recommendations and spend up to 30 minutes answering any questions you may have.

Google Ads Management Services

With many years of experience, our goal is to maximize your ad spend and generate the highest level of results.

Keyword Research

Free Audit

We will provide you with a FREE audit, which will allow us to research your business and provide you with an approach and strategy that will highlight your business

Google Ads Audit

Our personalized audit will provide you with the insight that you need to move your business forward and generate leads.

We’ve helped contractors increase their lead generation and more revenue for their businesses. With over 20 years of ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in the CONTRACTING INDUSTRY, our Google Ads management services provide a solid base of knowledge and strategy for our clients. We understand that as a contractor you face a variety of possible challenges. We will work hard to educate, strategize, and communicate with you so that your Google Ads account will remain strong while part of our management services.

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