Internet Marketing for Home Improvement Contractors


If you are looking for a small-business SEO Agency with EXPERIENCE with CONTRACTORS that can help you generate more leads for your Business. Rainmaker For Contractors Can Help YOU.

Small-business SEO can be a tough task. You may be up against larger contractors with very big campaign budgets. You may have a small budget that puts certain high-value keywords out of reach. SEO is a long-term investment.

Whatever your goals or challenges may be, we can help you find a way to succeed with SEO.

  • Leveraging your expertise. Small-business owners and leaders with writing skills (and adequate time) can produce or assist in the writing of high-quality articles for publication on other websites. This not only enhances link building, it offers the additional advantages of expanding brand awareness and credibility.
  • Focusing on longtail keywords. Lower volume, less competitive keywords (longtail) are suitable for small businesses with stretched budgets. This is a great option for Contractors and the home improvement space provided the targeted keywords are relevant and have a high degree of buying intent.

SEO Campaigns | Rainmaker For Contractors

  • Starting small. Rather than optimizing for a multitude of products or services, a solid starting point could be to concentrate on one highly profitable product/service or a loss leader. As we generate results (sales leads and/or online revenue), the SEO campaign can be funded to expand into other product and service areas.


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