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About this Episode

In this episode, our host Bill Crawford talks with Dave Hill Executive Vice President of RadonAway. Dave discusses with Bill the importance of having a radon inspection performed on your home and how RadonAway has become an industry leader – allowing Dave and his team to protect the homes and health of numerous RadonAway customers.
Highlights From This Episode Include:
  • RadonAway Services (00:12 mark)
  • How Did Dave Get Started With RadonAway (1:22 mark)
  • RadonAway Impact In The Industry (3:10 mark)
  • Why Radon Is A BIG DEAL (4:02 mark)
  • Where Is Radon Most Prevalent? (6:05 mark)
  • What Are The Consequences of Radon Exposure? (7:48 mark)
  • Where Does Radon Come From? (10:05 mark)
  • Partnering With RadonAway (13:33 mark)


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