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Focused National SEO Campaigns

Rainmaker For Contractors is an established SEO agency with over a decade of experience. Rainmaker For Contractors excels at executing campaigns with a broad SEO scope. National campaigns require professional research, strategic planning and a focused campaign budget experience to be successful — it takes an SEO expert to set up a winning campaign.

One of the biggest challenges for national SEO services is to keep your business focused on strategy and coordinating campaign goals with your budget. Often, high-volume, high-converting keywords are extremely competitive, making success difficult without enormous expenditures and multiple years of effort. For small, midsize and even large firms, a more feasible, budget-friendly strategy is to target mid-volume and longtail keywords, where the competition is not as fierce but the potential for conversions remains high.

Because our SEO Agency has conducted keyword research for hundreds of campaigns, we have developed a solid methodology for pinpointing the best keyword targets, one that includes taking a close look at volume, user intent, competitiveness, and relevance. We also look for the best possible keyword opportunities so our clients can begin to see measurable benefits earlier on in the campaign.

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