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Episode #16: "Create A Path To Success By Helping Others" With Sean Worthington Owner of Worthington Basement Health Systems | RFC Podcast

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About This Episode:

In this episode, our host Bill Crawford talks with Sean Worthington who is the Owner of Worthington Basement Health Systems. Sean discusses with Bill how to efficiently and successfully lead and manage a basement waterproofing company.

Highlights From This Episode Include:

1. About Worthington Basement Health Systems (00:27 mark)
2. How Sean Was Able To Scale And Grow His Company (3:55 mark)
3. Sean Hires Educators Not Sales Reps - This Is Why (7:04 mark)
4. How To Create A Team You Trust (11:29 mark)
5. How Joining The B.H.A. Has Transformed Sean's Business (16:07 mark)
6. Core Company Values (27:56 mark)
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