Episode #12: "How The Pit Boss Sump Pump System Makes Richtech A Technology Leader" With Jim Kodysh General Manager Of Richtech Industries | RFC Podcast

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About this Episode

In this episode, our host Bill Crawford talks with Jim Kodysh General Manager for Richtech Industries. Jim discusses with Bill how Richtech's product line including their Pit Boss Plus - a WIFI connected sump pump system that sets their company light-years ahead of the competition.
Highlights From This Episode Include:
  • About Richtech Industries (00:55 mark)
  • How Richtech is Different From Other Companies (3:25 mark)
  • Richtech Products Information (6:31 mark)
  • Pit Boss Plus WIFI Sump Pump System (6:29 mark)
  • Why The Sump Pump Is The Heart Of A System (9:38 mark)
  • The Core Values Of Richtech Industries (15:36 mark)

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